Do you need better tools for your biotech work?

Do you work in the life sciences or interact with code? Fill out the 2022 bio-developer survey to advance the field of biotech.

Bits in Bio and Cradle built the Bio Developer Survey to create better software for synbio. The survey is anonymous, will be repeated every year and the results will be shared with everyone and benefit the whole industry. You can take the survey here (it’ll take about 10-20 minutes - if you’re in a hurry you can move through faster by skipping optional questions).

Building better tools for biology

How could better software accelerate your work in the life sciences? What tools, processes and resources would give your team superpowers? Accelerating the field requires new and better products. The best tools are built by teams that constantly talk to their users. Therefore we want to learn how you currently work. Better tools mean more attention for your field, helping to attract funding, talent and attention to the broader community. This will hopefully lead to better software and tools for the field and a stronger community.

We encourage everyone who works in the life sciences or on software for the life sciences to participate and make their voice heard here.

What will we do with the results of this survey?

We’ll publish a white paper with the results and conclusions. Anonymized results of the survey will also be made publicly available under the Open Database License, where anyone can download and analyze the data.

What about my privacy?

Certain answers you and your peers give will be treated as personally identifiable information, and therefore kept out of the publicly available anonymized results file. We'll call out each of those in the survey with a note saying "This information will be kept private". Free-form responses are also excluded from the public data.

I’ve found a bug, have a question or a concern, what do I do?

We encourage you to share your feedback here.

How long will the survey be open for?

The survey will be open until 7 January, 2022.

Thanks in advance for your time!

With love from Cradle & Bits in Bio